Looking at a curled up animals always invokes the feelings of peace and tranquility for me, so I was inspired to create Curled Up by my lovely rescue Staff Cross called Remi.

Remi is a very special little dog who suffers from unexplained anxiety. When awake her little body is often in the grip of fear as she is afraid of many different noises and experiences. When Remi is asleep or curled up dozing in her bed I know that she is peaceful and happy and her body can relax. In her basket she is in a warm and snuggly place and I know she feels safe.

I have a love for soft and pretty fabrics, useful homeware and of course dogs (!) so set about making different handmade high quality items around these themes. The name ‘Curled Up’ fitted exactly the atmosphere I wanted to create – dog gifts that invoke homely, warm and cosseted feelings.